About ME

Where To Begin


Brennybrez! Or formally known as Brendan Breslin, but that doesn’t sound as cool…

With an amateur background in videography, and some fairly amateur gear I made a few random, weak planned travel videos with my friends..

I had no idea what my “niche” would be, but I knew I had to target a specific audience to provide either entertainment or informational value from my videos.

With a bit of research and luck, I found that the Phuket, (specifically Patong) nightlife scene was a hit for views and exposure.

After adding my own style, editing and vlogging skills, I attempted my first Nightlife video in Patong…and it was a hit!

With my niche slowly expanding and evolving, my content continues to focuses on “Education/Entertainment” ,specifically the nightlife scene… But let’s be real… I like to Party.

Enjoy my Nightlife Content mixed in with some adventurous travels, primarily here in South East Asia.

Thanks for visiting the website 🤙

The Gear I Use

IPhone (Main Camera)

Secondary Camera

Secondary Camera Lens

Mic for Camera


Drone Kit

The Music I use

Epidemic Sound: Check them out here